Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Hello all and welcome to my new blog!

First of all, a little about me. I'm a research student at the University of York looking into the working-class home between 1870 and 1914, and so spend much of my time in archives scanning through a variety of documents hoping to piece together the realities of working-class life in the final decades of the nineteenth-century and the beginnings of the twentieth.

Since a very early age I've been fascinated by not just history, but telling others about it in exorbitant detail, as my long-suffering family and friends will probably attest!

This blog is an attempt to marry my current research interests with my desire to bring the incredible details of the past to as many people as possible. Basically each week or so I'm going to feature a historical source which can be accessed for free on the internet, offer a bit of context and analysis, and give a few useful links and suggestions for further reading. I'm hoping that this will interest family history enthusiasts, fans of the Victorian period, and generally anyone with an interest in social history!

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  1. I've a definite interest! Good luck with this project, Oli. It sounds fascinating. :-)

    - Corra

    The Victorian Heroine